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Jerry Greenfield

Co-Founder of Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc

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Peter Den Hond

Fairmail, [Country]

FairMail provides the teenagers with a free camera, photography training, medical insurance for their families and guidance in making their own future plans.

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Jon Egan

Archipelago, [Country]

Archipelago is one of the largest communities of young entrepreneurs in Western Europe. We help young people create sophisticated businesses through events, think tanks and crowd sourced funding initiatives.

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Jakob Lund

Play31, [Country]

Play31’s mission is to use the unifying power of football to bring together people who have been torn apart by war. By organizing community tournaments and workshops focusing on human rights and conflict resolution, we contribute to the creation of peaceful societies where children can fulfil their right to play.

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Daan Weddepohl

Peerby, [Country]

Peerby is a mega cool new peer-to-peer lending technology platform in the Netherland. By using Peerby, members can borrow and share items needed or owned with neighbours in a safe and fun environment.

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Sofia Appelgren

MittLiv, [Country]

Mitt Liv (meaning ‘my life’) is an inspiring social enterprise in Sweden, enabling immigrants to gain employment, through education and mentorship.

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